Cleansing Crème  $25

Keep your hair hydrated and healthy with superior moisture from Hair pHix Cleansing Crème. Visibly strengthens and repairs both the cuticle and the scalp. Strengthens hair and extends colour life. Use on all chemically treated hair to immediately reverse chemical damage. Low lather vegan formula closes the cuticle and gently removes impurities from the hair and scalp. Low pH (4.5 - 5.5) ensures the cuticle is closed and no further damage will occur at the scalp through to the tips of the hair. Use on normal hair to help improve overall hair condition and health. Free of silicone, sulphates and harsh cleaning ingredients.

Repair Crème  $25

Infuse new life into damaged hair and let it shine with superior hydration. This end result is luxurious colour protected hair. This vegan formula is made with 100% certified organic GMO free plant stem cells to help repair scalp cell damage due to chemicals. Hair pHix Repair Crème has Low pH (4.5 - 5.5) with keratin and cystine amino acids to repair hair damage from the cortex out. Infuses hair with natural oils and fatty acids to strengthen and repair while adding superior shine.

Deep Leave In Treatment  $30

Undo damage caused by colouring, hot tools and UV rays and revitalize your hair. Use as a scalp lotion to help increase scalp cell repair. May help reduce most scalp related issues. Mix equal parts of Hair pHix Deep Leave In Treatment & Styling Crème on wet hair and blow dry - add Coconut Avocado Treatment Oil for separation. This cocktail gives volume and hold. This leave in treatment is light weight and great as a detangler.

Volume Enhance Spray  $20

Intensify curls, tame frizz and maintain moisture. Apply in the roots of hair while wet and add

Styling Crème - blow dry for volume and hold on fine hair - especially a layered shape. Works great with various textures and lengths.

Coconut and Avocado Treatment Oil  $20

On its own, great to lay down fly-aways or give dry ends a luxurious finish. We love to put this on wet hair, then blow dry for a soft, touchable style finished with a few sprays of Shine Spray and WOW! What a finish! It also blends well with Styling Crème - add to wet hair. Blow dry and style for a great hold and shine for finish.

Daily Primer  $24

A fantastic way to adjust your pH on a daily basis. We use it as a cutting lotion since it is lighter than water and dries fast. Use a few pumps mixed with Styling Crème to thin it out. Fantastic for re-wetting curly hair. Adjust hair and scalp to optimal pH, closes down cuticle layer, hydrates and softens your hair. Gives thermal protection from hot tools Prevents split ends and fly-aways.

Styling Crème  $24

Put some guts and texture back into medium length styles, or separate longer styles to add dimension. Piece and section medium to long hair with this alcohol free, anti frizz styling crème. For a lighter hold, mix two equal pumps of Hair pHix Styling Crème and Daily Primer. Apply Styling Crème on wet hair from roots to ends. Add Spray Shine mid length to ends and diffuse dry, curly hair.

Shine Spray  $22

Close split ends and control frizz while adding amazing shine and lubricity to unmanageable hair. Just a few pumps of Hair pHix Shine Spray delivers an amazing amount of shine. After a blow dry spray on hands and run through the ends of hair for a beautiful polish. Spray in even sections through long hair. Shine Spray is lightweight and non-greasy.

Working Spray  $25

Recharge fading colours and supercharge highlights with Hair pHix Working Spray. This flexible hold, humidity resistant hairspray is a great way to finish off your style without flaking or buildup.

Volume Style Gel  $24

We love how this gel delivers tons of volume without any crunch or build up. Apply liberal amounts of Hair pHix Volume Gel from roots to ends. Blow and style for an all-day volume hold. For the one-two punch, combine Volume Style Gel with Volume Spray for all-day volume.

Hair Masque  $45

This intense protein treatment will leave hair soft, strong and hydrated. Infused with essential oils and amino acids to repair damage caused by chemical treatments and environmental factors. Reverses damage from hot styling tools. The extra low pH (3.0 - 4.0) will ensure that the cuticle is closed, locking in colour and moisture. Enriched with plant stem cells to help repair scalp cell damage. Apply an ample amount through hair. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Use under heat for accelerated results.